What saline solution used for

Saline is also known as “saline”. This is a simple remedy that you can even make at home. Although experts have previously doubted this, its usefulness in medicine is almost undeniable.

The saline solution consists of water and salt. This is its simplicity, as well as the ability to make it at home. The concentration of this solution is 0.9%, which means that it has the same concentration as human blood.

Use of saline solution

Saline solution has many applications. It can be used both externally and internally, by introducing it into the circulatory system. Here are the most common uses:

Eye and contact lens flushing. To do this, experts recommend a sterile liquid so that the eyes or lenses are not invaded by bacteria. Usually saline solution for the eyes is produced in small bottles that can be purchased at pharmacies.
Wound cleansing. This is one of the most popular wound cleansing fluids. Along with other antiseptics, it helps prevent infections.

Application for the nose. It helps in case of stuffy nose or excessive mucus in the upper respiratory tract. It can be administered using syringes or inhalers. Salt water removes secretions due to gravity. Experts also recommend it to patients suffering from rhinitis and nasal congestion due to allergies. It removes not only secretions but also allergens. Finally, after nose surgery, doctors recommend it as part of further antisepsis.

Humidification. When the human body is dehydrated or hypotensive due to fluid loss, saline is a good substitute for what has been lost. As a rule, in these cases it is administered intravenously at high speed. It is useful in cases of severe gastroenteritis, heavy hemorrhages and large burns.

Nebulization. The drug is poured into a nebulizer to create a mist that penetrates the airways. Patients suffering from influenza, sinus infection and bronchitis can benefit from this.

Now that you have discovered the amazing properties of saline, you can safely use it if you ever need it. This is a very useful and simple solution that can even save lives in extreme cases.

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